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Welcome to 2019

January 7th, 2019

Hello customers and welcome to 2019! Boy time sure flies and I cannot believe that 2018 is over and we are already in 2019!  I just want to remind our customers that we are here for all of your needs. I just wanted to remind our customers of some steps so that we can provide better customer service to help you with your box needs.

When contacting us for a box if you could have the dimensions ready for the box that you are looking for that would assist us in getting you accurate pricing. If you do not know what the exact dimensions of the box you are looking for that is OK! We can assist you through the process. We can start with the dimensions of product that you are wanting to package in the box. Our team can then work on designing your box from there.

Also remember the rule of thumb when giving the dimensions is length width and depth of the box. Our team must have all three measurements to be able to give you accurate pricing for your box.

You also want to think about what you are putting in the box so that we can assist you in deciding what type of material would best suit your needs. If you are shipping something or if the item is heavy we can help you distinguish if you need single or double wall material for you needs.

The next thing we can assist you with is the style of box that you are looking for. Depending on what you are doing with the box can depend on the style of box that you are wanting. We will also work with you on this to help you decide what exactly you are looking for.

One last thing, Remember we will assist you in coming up with a box solution. If we cannot help you with your needs we will try and find someone who can. Please contact us with any of your custom box needs!