Personal Care Plus™

Our team believes that we can work together with you or your business to create the exact box you’re looking for and go the extra mile to make sure it’s just right with our Personal Care Plus system. By taking the time to talk with you about your business goals and needs, we are able to design a product specifically made to suit those needs and help you achieve your business goals. Each box we make is completely custom and made by the specifications you provide or we determine together.

We like to say we think “inside the box” in that we work hard to come up with the perfect packaging solution for your business. Together, we’ll decide all the specifics, from sizing and box type to custom logo printing and more.

Your finished box is hand-inspected to ensure everything is exactly as it should be. Hand-measurements and quality checks are a crucial part of our process. Once the final product has been fully inspected and is ready to head your way, we find the best way to ship your custom boxes to you – after all, you deserve to receive your boxes in impeccable shape. We are dedicated to finding the best and most cost-effective method of getting your order to you. This may include shipping boxes on pallets or smaller bundles using FedEx. Because we are a fully custom company, the solution that best fits your needs will depend on the size of your order – no order is too small for us!

If you need boxes on a regular boxes feel free to contact us about our “Always in Inventory Program”.  We can work together as a team and come up with an order system to ensure that you always get your boxes when you need them.