Product Packaging & Supplies

Our Cardboard Box Inner Packaging Includes:

Our custom inner packaging combined with the strength of the corrugated cardboard box will provide protection for your product. It can take many shapes and be made in a variety of ways to separate or protect your product, to prevent your product from shifting during transit, or to strengthen the outer box. It might be something as simple as a rectangular single sheet pad or more complicated items such as scored rectangles, slotted partitions, built-up pads consisting of multiple pieces glued together, etc. Let us help design a solution for both your cardboard boxes and your inner packaging needs. We specialize in helping customers who have little experience with shipping solutions.

Providing Custom Corrugated Packaging


Pads are flat sheets of corrugated cardboard. The thickness can be either single wall or double wall. A pad, commonly called a slip sheet, can be used on the top of a pallet to protect items placed on the pallet. Top and bottom pads the full size of the opening of the box can be used to give a double layer of protection. Pads can be used either vertically or horizontally to separate products or layers of products.


Partitions provide separate cells for products. These are usually used for separating bottled products or for packaging fragile items such as glassware.


Tubes are scored rectangles of cardboard. The seam may be closed or left open. Tubes can be used to reinforce the sides of a box, as sleeves for individual items, or structure to suspend a product in the box.

Inner Packaging

Inner packaging has a wide variety of shapes. Pictured above is a glue build-up pad made by gluing multiple pieces of corrugated cardboard together to make a block. Corrugated cardboard can be scored, folded, and glued to make many packaging items. They are used for cushioning, separation, and suspension of products.

Suspending a fragile product in the middle of an outer box can protect the product from damage during shipping. One of our customers manufactures custom Plexiglas displays that are easily damaged. We provide them custom corrugated packaging to protect them while shipping we produce a “box within a box” which consists of top and bottom glue build up pads and a flanged tube for complete suspension within the outer box. Check out all of our cardboard boxes packaging options today!