1. How do I measure a box?
Box dimensions are always inside dimensions and should be given in the sequence of length, width, and depth. Please see our sizing section for more info.

2. What do the initials like RSC, FOL, & DSC mean when stated with the box size?
Conventional slotted boxes come in a variety of styles and openings. These are abbreviations for specific styles of boxes. Check out the box styles we manufacture in the Types of Boxes section.

3. What does Single Wall (SW) and Double Wall (DW) mean?
Corrugated cardboard has two main components: the linerboard and the medium. Both are made of a special kind of heavy paper. Linerboard is the flat facing that adheres to the medium. The medium is the wavy fluted paper in between the liners. Single Wall is manufactured with the medium between two sheets of linerboard. Double Wall has three sheets of linerboard with two mediums in between.

4. What are flutes?
For thousands of years it has been known that an arch is the strongest way to span a given space. The inventors of corrugated cardboard applied this principle to paper, and put arches in the corrugated medium. These arches are known as flutes and as part of the finished cardboard, resist bending and pressure from all directions. Flutes come in several standard shapes and are designated by the letters A, B, C, E, and F.

5. How should I package my product to keep it from being damaged in shipping?
There are many options for protection of your product. Choices range from the simplicity of crumpled newspaper to construction of special corrugated pieces. We specialize in assisting those new to the packaging industry. Contact us and we’ll help you develop your inner packing.

6. What is standard block lettering?
Standard block lettering is a way we can cost effectively print simple block alphabetical letters and numbers. We buy the letters individually and string them on a band for printing. This way we can “unstring” the letters and use them more than once. Printing of this type is not as high quality as if printed with a custom die.

7. Can you print my company’s logo?
We have the capability to print your company’s logo. To do this we need either a digital image or a clear black and white print of the logo. We will have a custom die manufactured for printing your image. We will be happy to quote you a custom die.

8. What colors can you print?
Our equipment is capable of a one-color print. We carry four standard colors: black, blue, green, and red. We will order other colors upon special request if you would like a specific color to match your company’s logo.

9. Will my boxes arrive already formed?
Boxes are shipped flat to the user. For most styles, the box arrives as a tube. The box user then opens and squares the box and closes the bottom flaps, inserts the product, and closes the top flaps. The exception to this is the DSC style box.

10. How do I close my box?
The flaps of the box can be closed with packaging tape, hot melt glue, or staples.

11. What is a BMC?
A BMC is a box manufacture’s certificates. You will usually find it on a bottom flap of the box. The BMC states the name and location of the manufacturer, the minimum material specification being certified, and the gross weight and size limits. The carrier may deny damage claim insurance if these guidelines are not met.