Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes Information

Your customer’s first impression of your product is many times the box that it arrives in. To give your boxes a special identity, we have the capabilities to apply print to your custom boxes. To give your boxes that special custom look, we can have a die designed with your company logo. This method is also best for large amounts of print, bar codes, and fine print.

Printed Corrugated Boxes Pricing Information

There is a fee for custom printing dies. The fee depends on the quality of artwork you have and the size of the die requested. It is a one time charge and, if sized right, the same die can be used to print on various styles and sizes of your custom printed boxes that you may order. If your die becomes worn, we will replace the die at no additional charge to you as long as you continue to do business with us.

If your budget is tight, small amounts of block lettering, such as your return address, company name, box part numbers, or Fragile can be done with standard block lettering with no die charge. We can create printed corrugated boxes for your company. This is basic block lettering in capital letters and does not produce the high quality print that a custom die will produce.

We do one color printing on custom printed boxes and keep in stock the basic colors of black, red, green, and blue. Specialty colors are available upon request at an extra charge.