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We specialize in assisting new customers and first-time buyers. Call or e-mail for a quote. Our professional and experienced staff will visit with you about the prefect box to meet your needs. If you have an oddly shaped item to be boxed or are not sure about how to package your product, we will help you find the right way to package for the best fit and the safest way to ship your product. We can build your box around your product.

We can design a box that will fit almost anything! We’ve made boxes to fit champagne glasses, race car parts, auto transmissions, anthrax vaccine, tractor parts, surf boards, computer parts, outdoor furniture, helmets, rat traps, guitars, pig feeders, candles, golf clubs, fruit, chemicals, bird cages, architectural drawings, cremation containers, florescent bulbs, Christmas trees, guns, meat, bicycles, Teddy bears, kayaks, kitchen cabinets and more.

Other Services

We can do so much more than just make the box for your product. We also offer partial or complete fulfillment services. We have the facilities, workforce and experience to accomplish all or any of the following for you:

  • Receive your product in bulk
  • Assemble your product from your component parts
  • Inventory your product in the appropriate type warehousing environment
  • Ship your product to the destination you direct by the mode of transportation you select.

Who We Are

Custom Boxes Online is a commercial enterprise of Genesis Development, a 501(c)(3)not-for-profit rehabilitation organization that provides services for people with developmental and mental health disabilities.

The Genesis custom box manufacturing facility was developed in 1985 as part of a vocational program to teach work skills and to provide jobs and income for those individuals.

Our direct line workforce is made up of Individuals with disabilities assisted, trained and supervised by experienced Work Supervisors who direct production and maintain quality control in addition to performing on-going rehabilitation training.

In 2002, www.customboxesonline.com was launched. We have now shipped our custom-made boxes to every state in the nation plus Europe, South America, Guam, and the US Army in Iraq.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, our capabilities, and how we can work together to streamline your operation and increase your profitability.

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