Common Cardboard Box Style Information

Customboxesonline specializes in manufacturing custom cardboard box styles. By changing the design of the box and combining it with interior packaging almost anything can be shipped safely. We have cardboard boxes for items as fragile as champagne flutes to boxes heavy duty enough to ship auto transmissions.

We identify standard box styles in two ways, by a descriptive name and an acronym based on the name. For example, the most common box is a Regular Slotted Carton or an RSC.

Below are the most common cardboard containers that we manufacture. These can be customized to meet your cardboard packaging needs.

RSCRSC - Regular Slotted Container
The RSC can be used for many products and is the most common box style. If you buy a box of canned goods at the grocery store they are usually in an RSC style box. All flaps have the same length. The outer flaps meet at the center of the box. The distance between the inner flaps depends upon the relationship of the box width to its length.

yesFOL - Full Overlap Slotted Container
The FOL is very resistant to rough handling in shipping and used frequently for items that can be damaged when shipped. When closed, the outer flaps are within one inch of a complete overlap, providing added cushioning on the top and bottom of the box. When placed on its side, the extra thickness adds stacking strength.


HSCHSC - Half Slotted Container
The HSC is the same as a regular slotted container without any top flaps. These are often used as storage bins on shelving. If desired a lid can be added. Another use for these is to set a large HSC on a pallet and use it for bulk storage of items. This is often referred to in the industry as a "Gaylord".

This box can also be turned upside down and used as a "slip cover". This is frequently used to cover large items that are being shipped on a wooden pallet. Small flaps can be added to the edges to enable you to fasten the box to the pallet.

5PF5PF - Five Panel Folder
The 5PF is a single sheet of creased and scored corrugated. It features a 5th panel that commonly covers a side panel and is closed, usually with sealing tape. You can chose an alternative center seam closure.

It is a convenient way to package long items with a small diameter such as PVC pipe, rods, umbrellas, etc. It has the added benefit of extra cushioning at the ends to prevent damage to the product if the design of the product might push it through the ends of the box.

DSCDSC - Design Style Carton, Telescoping
The DSC is made from two scored and slotted trays, a bottom tray and a top tray. The top tray is slightly larger than the bottom tray and serves as a lid. The lid can vary in depth from a few inches to the full depth of the box. This box is shipped flat and is set up usually by stapling or gluing the ends. The extra thickness of the corrugated on the sides and the ends gives it extra stacking strength.

This box is adaptable for many items. Its flat surfaces make it ideal for the packaging of thin flat items such as large paper products. Its extra stacking strength makes it good for the shipment of fragile items such as glassware or delicate dolls. Genetic seed companies find it ideal combined with inner partitioning for holding test seed packets.

dDC - Double Cover Container
A square cardboard tube forms the body of the box. The top and bottom are design style trays. This is an excellent box for large bulky items that would be difficult to lower into a box. The box is shipped completely flat to the user. The user staples or glues the top and bottom trays and places the product on the bottom tray. The user opens the tube and places it over the product and places the top tray over the tube.

This box also has the advantage of flexibility in packaging. The tube can be easily cut down to fit different heights of product. This allows the user to buy one box for varying height products.

If you require more information, are unsure about which cardboard box styles would be best for you, or are ready to make an order then please contact us for an immediate response or call us at 1-888-586-3017.